Web Development & Maintenance

From inception through delivery and beyond, we are focused on making your web development efforts a success.

At Synergy Technical, we believe in building solutions that meet or exceed our clients' requirements. Sometimes those solutions can be implemented by integrating and configuring different software components such as portals and content management systems, 3rd party web services, CRM and ERP systems, etc. At other times a custom solution built from scratch or based on an existing software product is required. In either case, Synergy Technical has the capabilities to assist your organization with the selection of a solution approach, solution design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance.

Regardless of the solution, we adhere to a development process that has been proven to be successful and is also flexible enough to work with seamlessly with your organization.

Our deliverables during each phase are designed to ensure that there is a clear and common understanding between what our clients want and what the final solution will include. We focus on being a trusted partner and believe in continuous feedback throughout the development process.

Our solution offerings align with your business needs and are focused on:

Web Application Development and System Integration

Synergy Technical provides full lifecycle web development services for Microsoft .Net and Java JEE application and portal platforms. Our development teams view themselves as an extension of your organization and take your business goals and requirements to heart. From idea conception and strategy formulation through development, testing and delivery our singular focus is to make sure that your vision for the final solution is realized.

Microsoft SharePoint Online Customization

For many organizations, the out-of-the-box experience for SharePoint Online meets all of their needs, but others have more custom requirements. To bridge the gap between what SharePoint online delivers and what our clients need, we provide custom development and configuration services for the SharePoint Online platform. These services can include custom web or app part development, workflow, site template development and advanced configuration. Our experience with SharePoint Online allows our clients to get the most out of their investment in the platform.

Web Application Maintenance

Our services don't stop when a solution is deployed and are not limited to solutions that we implemented. We employ the same rigor to the applications that we maintain as we do when building a custom solution.  Our process for onboarding web applications built by other organizations ensures we have a full understanding of the implementation and can hit the ground running when enhancements are needed or issues arise. If you need anything from full time support to occasional enhancements and fixes we can provide development support scaled to meet your needs.

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