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  • Confused by the Cloud? So was I.

    In a quest to accurately describe Cloud Solutions, I learned that cloud computing means something different to each person.  Descriptions vary and in many cases there is an inherent sense of … more

  • Does Cloud Computing Reduce IT Jobs?

    Cloud computing has become a reality for many large enterprises.  This is causing concern for staff in enterprise IT departments, as they are rightfully worried about a potential job loss.   … more

  • VEX Robotics Competition

    Synergy Technical is proud to sponsor the VEX Robotics Competition Virginia State Championships, to be held at the State Fairgrounds on February 21.  The VA State Championship will qualify 8 … more

  • CIO Resolutions for 2015

    Embrace the cloud for Dev and Test.  Most companies are getting comfortable with cloud applications.  If you haven’t, consider your development and test environment.  Your … more

  • Security Questions about Office 365

    All organizations, no matter the size, are concerned about security.  We’ve compiled a list of the top questions that we receive about security, as well as resources for finding more … more

  • Off-boarding Employees in Office 365 (Part 2)

    In part 2 of this blog we will answer the questions we proposed in part 1, illustrating some techniques used to perform tasks associated with off-boarding employees in Office 365.  

    For this … more

  • The Evolving Role of IT Leadership

    The IT Leadership role is transforming. Organizations have become increasingly digital, requiring more involvement from IT.  Technology has become deeply embedded in the business functions. The … more

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Posted: 4/16/2018 12:57 PM
In honor of the RVATech on Tap event this week at The Circuit barcade on 4/19 at 5pm, we would like to present some fun facts and stories about classic video games. By fun we mean stuff we should& …