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  • Automation Redux

    I promised in my webinar last week to publish some of my favorite automations, and I got some great feedback on automations and workflows being used by participants. If you submitted one, thanks! … more

  • Oh &*^% I Clicked That Link!

    Securing your environment in a cloud-first world is a challenge. We’ve beaten the drum of “assume breach”, we’ve hammered the protect/detect/respond nail to death, but threat … more

  • MS Flow

    Time is an amazing resource. It holds tremendous potential when a deadline is on the horizon, fear when that deadline looms, and is simultaneously infinite and scarce. Time is a required element of … more

  • Windows Defender ATP Redux!

    It’s been just over a year since Microsoft launched Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. When it first launched, the promise was there, but the execution was very raw. I wrote about it, … more

  • Expiring Office 365 Groups

    As a systems admin, one of the most challenging things about coming into a new environment used to be one of the most challenging things about staying in an environment long-term: managing groups.& … more

  • Is Your Phone Wearing It's Shoes?

    Intune is a robust toolset. I’ve talked in the past about how much it has grown over the years, from basically WSUS-in-the-cloud to a real MDM solution, and now to a full-service solution for … more

  • MS Office On a Resume

    When was the last time you had “MS Office” listed in the skills section of your resume?

    Somehow I made it this far into 2017 without realizing (or possibly actively trying to avoid … more

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Posted: 5/29/2018 8:57 AM
Working in the cloud space is an amazing ride. We see changes happening in monthly increments. At times we’re sitting around and talking about functionality we’d like to see in the cloud …