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  • Windows 10 Anniversary Update: What's Next?

    My son is going into the 5th grade this year. He’s been begging for an iPod (truth be told, an iPhone, but that ain’t gonna happen) for about a year. I’ve struggled with the request, … more

  • Goodbye EMS, Hello EM+S

    Last week I rambled on and on in a webinar (view the online recording here), talking about all the finer points of Microsoft’s latest iteration of the mobility suite EMS. Nutshell: new name, … more

  • What is Microsoft Azure?

    Microsoft Azure is a flexible and secure public cloud that is built for the modern business. Users have access to a variety of integrated services that support many languages and operating systems. … more

  • Top 10 New Features in Office 365

    Offline messaging now available in Skype for Business: You no longer have to wait until your colleague is online to message them. Simply message your offline colleague and he or she will be … more

  • MFA and App Passwords

    There are some instances where applications within the Microsoft cloud space do not play well with MFA. Skype for Business is a good example. For these, Microsoft has built-in a mechanism to allow … more

  • MFA and the NFL Draft

    As I watched the opening round of the NFL draft, one of the top prospects was unfortunate enough to have his Twitter and Instagram account compromised. His projected salary was slashed in half … more

  • Intune instead of SCCM?

    I love the ability to provide people with technology to make their lives easier. Through the use of on-premises Configuration Manager (SCCM), I can make people’s work lives easier by centrally … more

  • EMS is Bigger Than You Think

    2016 has been off to an amazing start. Since we held our Cloud.2016 conference, we've seen tremendous interest in Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). In fact, Microsoft recently released a ( … more

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Posted: 9/26/2017 10:42 AM
It’s been just over a year since Microsoft launched Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection. When it first launched, the promise was there, but the execution was very raw. I wrote about it, …