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  • MFA and the NFL Draft

    As I watched the opening round of the NFL draft, one of the top prospects was unfortunate enough to have his Twitter and Instagram account compromised. His projected salary was slashed in half … more

  • Intune instead of SCCM?

    I love the ability to provide people with technology to make their lives easier. Through the use of on-premises Configuration Manager (SCCM), I can make people’s work lives easier by centrally … more

  • EMS is Bigger Than You Think

    2016 has been off to an amazing start. Since we held our Cloud.2016 conference, we've seen tremendous interest in Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). In fact, Microsoft recently released a ( … more

  • Deploying Click To Run Programs Via Intune

    For YEARS I maintained my own personal licenses of Microsoft's suite of products through the now-defunct TechnetPlus subscription program. It was genius: for $249/year, I had access to Microsoft's … more

  • Web Proxy Exceptions for Office 365

    When migrating an organization from Exchange on-premise to Exchange Online, one network-integrated system that is commonly overlooked is web proxy filtering. If your organization has a web proxy in … more

  • It's an amazing time to be in technology!

    The old saying is true - the only constant in life is change.  Technology is changing faster than ever, but what a great time to be in IT!


    Here are a few of the recent announcements … more

  • Got Your Pro Bowl Tickets Yet?

    By now, you've probably received your Azure Pro Bowl tickets.  Great!  You can register here.  We're excited to have you join us for a sideline pass to all things Azure.  Join our … more

  • What is EMS?

    Enterprise Mobility is a trend that is shifting work habits of employees who are able to work out of the office by using mobile devices and cloud services to perform business tasks. The main focus of … more

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Collaborating with Microsoft Teams - Jonathan Meade
Learn how your organization can use Microsoft Teams to create a more open, digital environment that makes work visible, integrated, and accessible. …