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  • Let's Talk About The Worst That Can Happen

    On March 1, 2018, an incredibly powerful nor’easter hit the east coast. The effects of this storm were massive.

    Hurricane force winds were recorded in New England

    Two feet of snow was … more

  • Another Day, Another Hack

    It's a rare day that I'll mention a specific data breach...well, unless it's Equifax, Yahoo, or possibly the PlayStation Network. Ok, so it's not all that rare, but let's toss another one on the fire … more

  • Disaster Recovery In The Cloud

    I’ve worked in the disaster recovery (DR) space for a number of years and with various entities both private and public. All of those entities have used some sort of backup devices, storage … more

  • Inaction In Action

    Got a minute? Grab a cup of coffee and read US-CERT Alert TA18-074A. It’s not a quick read, but holy cow is it an important one. TL;DR: the Russian government has compromised our nuclear, … more

  • Congratulations, you DO have to comply with GDPR

    I like a good crime story. I always enjoy learning the machinations of some “perfect crime” and the detective’s efforts to unravel the details in time. In a way, it offers an … more

  • A Successful Cloud Native Corporation Speaks

    While researching and writing my next blog entry I came across this blog post from Netflix VP Yury Izrailevsky. It's titled "Completing the Netflix Cloud Migration". It speaks volumes to the real … more

  • Non-Profit Microsoft Subscription Licensing

    Getting Non-Profit pricing for Microsoft cloud products has always been complicated.  It just got easier.  

    By purchasing your licensing through Synergy Technical, you can still get … more

  • MFA Now

    It's a good thing I put on my "Be Disruptive" shirt this morning, because I'm about to disrupt all up in this place. You're sitting down, right? Excellent.

    According to recent documentation, … more

  • Happy International Women’s Day!

    She won’t boast about it herself, so I’ll do it on her behalf: I am exceptionally proud to work for a woman in technology. Ro has been a technology leader for many years, spear-heading … more

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Posted: 5/29/2018 8:57 AM
Working in the cloud space is an amazing ride. We see changes happening in monthly increments. At times we’re sitting around and talking about functionality we’d like to see in the cloud …