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  • A Business Executive’s Definition of the Cloud

    When I graduated from college, a “cloud” was typically described as a visible mass of liquid droplets or crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Calling a client from the road required … more

  • What type of cloud consumer is your organization?

    A lot of organizations are looking at moving to cloud technologies.  An important question to ask yourself is – why?  Public cloud offerings are great solutions for most companies, … more

  • Windows Server IaaS Platform Performance Comparison

    When working with clients to develop their cloud strategy, we often are asked which IaaS platform has the best price for performance for Windows Server. The correct answer to that question is… … more

  • Understanding the Economics of the Cloud

    Leading IT organizations are now viewing cloud computing as an investment in business transformation, not just a way to cut costs for IT.  Because of the cloud, CIOs are no longer forced to … more

  • Bringing the Cloud to Work

    People use the cloud for business, whether you like it or not.  Sales people often use Webex, GoTo Meeting, or other cloud based meeting services to connect with and sell to customers.  … more

  • Azure Rights Management Service

    With business trending toward “bring your own device”, file level security today is paramount.  Because of the consumerization and externalization of IT, Social Enterprise, and data … more

  • Developing in (but not necessarily for) the Cloud

    Software development presents a variety of challenges to development teams not the least of which is the establishment and maintenance of solid development environments that allow teams to be … more

  • Force Directory Synchronization with Office 365

    To force synchronization, log into your server that has the Directory Synchronization tool installed. Open up PowerShell and navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Online Directory Sync. Then start … more

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Posted: 5/29/2018 8:57 AM
Working in the cloud space is an amazing ride. We see changes happening in monthly increments. At times we’re sitting around and talking about functionality we’d like to see in the cloud …