A Disaster Recovery and Data Protection Revolution Introduction

The advent of cloud technology and offerings has revolutionized IT yet again. Those of us in the industry for years and decades have seen this before. The revolution of virtualization is one of the most recent and best remembered by most of us. Cloud tech is the beginning of being another sea change on the same level. 

Speaking of how cloud technology can change all of IT is beyond the scope of this short blog entry. I can talk about how cloud offerings will change how organizations prepare for disasters and protect their data. 

Over the next blog posts, I’ll break down what is a color palette of ways to leverage cloud abilities into the basic methodologies. I use the metaphor of a palette as you can mix and match these offerings in many ways creating a device or strategy that best fits your organizational needs as well as any gradient in between. The purpose of these constructs and abilities are truly endless at this time considering the sheer number of AWS and Azure API’s. 

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Event Date: 6/4/2018 12:00 PM
This webinar will help you understand what the GDPR is and is not.  This not a review of how technology can drive compliance, but helps you understand the law.

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